Gardening in Darwin

Call Tiger Contracting in Darwin for the best boost your garden could get. We know all the steps it takes to create gardens for the long term — the kind of garden you can enjoy with as little or as much hands-on care as you wish.

Do you like neat lawns for the kids and your pets to enjoy? Or would you prefer lower maintenance ground cover? We can show present you a range of ground covers, from lawn, to bark or woodchip mulch, to pebbles or gravel.

Your garden can also be transformed into the gift that keeps on giving. We can establish garden beds rich with organic materials that will produce a bounty of fruit and vegetables.

For welcome respite from the sun, we can plant trees that will be ideal for your situation — trees that will throw shade where it’s needed, that won’t turn your swimming pool into a leaf magnet, that will add a touch of magic to your garden.
Tiger Contracting Service —Stum Grinding in Berrimah, NT

Pruning Perhaps?

Have Tiger Contracting take care of your garden’s pruning needs. Read more
Garden — Stump Grinding in Berrimah, NT

Make Your Garden Great Again

Get in touch with Tiger Contracting today. Our gardening work is second to none and our prices are down to earth. And it cost nothing to ask because our quotes are free.

Garden Machinery

When it comes to achieving great results in your yard, we have the tools and the machinery to make it all possible. From growing your own produce to entertaining in the barbecue spot of your choosing, and relaxing in outdoor spaces destined to be a real treat for lazy days and nights in Darwin.

Along with one well-maintained gardening tools and machinery, you also get the kind of hands-on experience with local horticulture that will guarantee the improvements you’re looking for at your property.

Tiger Contracting is ready to start from scratch to get the garden in order at both your residence or your business. We also offer the perfect plan to keep your gardens thriving with a scheduled program that is timed to inspire the blooming best throughout the year.

Hedges and Edges

Your lawns and hedges will be manicured when you get the team from Tiger Contracting on the job. We offer schedules that will keep your entire garden in order all year round.

One-off lawn and garden care is also available whenever you need help. Perhaps while you’re away from home for an extended period or when you need improved kerb appeal to place your property on the market.

We clip then clean up the trimmings. We can water and fertilise for you. Basically, whatever your lawns and gardens need, Tiger Contracting can provide.

Dirty Weeds Done Cheap

A weed-free garden is what you want. At Tiger Contracting, we like to mix it up, pulling weeds by hand, as well as using powerful concoctions that are designed specifically for weed-free gardens.

When we’re done being tough on your weeds, we supply mulch and woodchips, which we can spread on your garden not only to suppress future weed growth but also help retain moisture so your plants thrive.