Tree Pruning in Darwin

Call Tiger Contracting in Darwin. We prune trees. You’ll find no one better in Darwin to improve the health and shape of your trees.

We can lop trees that are getting in the way for you. Perhaps there’s a tree blocking your view. Maybe you’re struggling to keep an eye on the kids? Or it may have become a challenge to back the car out of your driveway…

Pruning might present you with some relief from scooping all the leaves out of your swimming pool, sweeping them off the pavers, and clearing the barbecue area.

One of our licensed and insured team can tee up a time with you to do some tactical pruning. You’ll then enjoy a clear path — better, safer, and good for at least a few seasons.

Man On The Top Of Tree — Tree Pruning in Berrimah, NT

Pruning Time

At Tiger Contracting, we will be happy to advise you on the pruning needs of your trees. Taking into account the seasonal aspects, will make sure your trees are in good shape for the dry and wet times of the year. Read more
Man On The Tree Wearing Harness— Tree Pruning in Berrimah, NT

Safe Pruning

Naturally, we take safety very seriously at Tiger Contracting. We’re not about to let harm come to your family or pets during our pruning work. The same goes for your property.  Read more