Stump Grinding in Darwin

Call Tiger Contracting for the best stump grinding service in Darwin. We’ll quickly get rid of the tree stump that is preventing you from reclaiming the space in your garden and right now is probably an eyesore that is doing wonders for the vermin population.

Aside from that, stumps can make good mulch. So instead of sitting there like an accident waiting to happens, what’s left of your tree stump can be spread around, along with whatever else you might want fed to our woodchipper. And, just like that, your garden will lose a stump and gain a groundcover.

Not everyone wants mulch. Sometimes the stump will be more waste than wanted, in which case, we can clean up the area and take all the leftovers to the tip.
Tree Removing —Stum Grinding in Berrimah, NT

Removing A Tree

When you have a tree removed, especially where there’s a danger of it falling unexpectedly, you might choose to have us drop it for you and not worry about the stump.  Read more
Stump Grinding— Stump Grinding in Berrimah, NT

Stump Grinding Safety

We take safety seriously at Tiger Contracting. Our stump grinding operators undergo intensive training and are able to use all the equipment involved in tree care safely and with precision. Read more