Tree Removal in Darwin

Call Tiger Contracting in Darwin. We remove trees safely and affordably. There’s no better way to manage it and no one better equipped for the job.

We provide an emergency service for tree removal in Darwin that needs to be taken care of ASAP. This means Tiger Contracting is always on-call — any day, any time.

Emergency tree removal is all about safety. It doesn’t matter whether the tree in question needs to be removed because of disease or damage. There are times when the threat from a tree that could fall at any moment is a danger to both people and property

Easiest thing to do is call Tiger Contracting. We’ll have that tree removed for you in quick time and your yard will be free of the problems it caused.
Tree Removed — Tree Removal in Berrimah, NT

Tree Removed, Now What?

Yet another reason why Tiger Contracting tops the list of Darwin tree removal services… we complete the job. We not only have the chainsaws, the stump grinders, the wood chippers, and the expertise, we also tip trucks to take the green waste off to the tip.

Mulch? Glad you asked. The woodchip, not to mention the greenest of the waste, would most likely go well on your garden. Now, having removed the tree and ground its stump down to a faded memory, we would have created a new garden space for you to use.

To be clear, we drop the tree and clean up the mess. Everything is down to earth, the tree you want dropped, the efficient service we provide, and the price we do it all for.
Tiger Contracting Staff — Tree Removal in Berrimah, NT

Tiger Contracting Is Licensed & Insured

When you call Tiger Contracting, the tree removal services you’ll be getting your work done safely and legally. All regulations and licences in order, thanks to our intensive and thorough training, we approach every job with Safety First.

This means not only knowing how to drop a tree with precision but also how to do it even in conditions that make it difficult, to say the least.

We keep all our machinery and vehicles well maintained. Being available 24/7 for emergency tree removal, we leave nothing to chance. When we say we’re going to be there, you can bank on it.